Faux Mercury Glass Tutorial in any color

This is a simple Tutorial on how do beautiful faux mercury glass in almost any color

Blue Mercury Glass vase

Blue Mercury Glass vase

Faux mercury glass is so beautiful on its own, but wouldn’t it be fun to do it in any color?

From the moment I discovered how to make Faux mercury glass have been trying to figure out how to do it in blue. I love blue. A water resistant blue that was very important to me. I wanted to put water and flowers in my beautiful creation. After sending way too much time Pinterest I figured it out and I want to share.

If you only want to color your glass and skip the faux mercury fun I have a colored glass tutorial here.

You will need:
some glass pieces you want to transform
paper towels
a spray bottle with 50% water and vinegar solution,
Krylon Looking glass spray. It’s very important you need this exact paint. You can find it at Amazon, A.C. Moore,  Michaels, etc.

What you need to make Faux Mercury Glass in any color

What you need to make Faux Mercury Glass in any color

Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glass paint in the color of your choice. Also very important you need this exact paint. Pebeo has other types of paint but you need Pebeo Vitrea 160.

You also need Pebeo Vitrea 160 gloss medium. This will thin the glass paint without losing intensity.

I chose Turquoise, and I am madly in love with it.  I have painted just about every available glass surface in my house.  I was lucky and found the Looking Glass spray at my Walmart but I had to order the Pebeo Vitrea 160 on Amazon. I have thoughtfully added links to both these products in an Amazon box to the right of this post.


You might be thinking- Hey I have seen glass paint at the craft store I’ll use that!

pick your color

pick your color

I tried those other paints  and I wasn’t happy with the color or the finish.  The end product looks like you painted some glass with paint. The Vitrea has an intensity that’s just gorgeous. It is intense and transparent.  On some on my pieces you cannot tell it is painted.

So let’s get started! First we need to color the glass. The hardest part of this is waiting for it to dry a whole 24hrs. Mix with the Pebeo gloss medium and paint. I have gotten the best the results from painting on the outside of the piece.

Mix your paint with the gloss medium. A little paint goes a long way, you just need a drop. I use much more medium than paint. I mix about 1 part paint to 10 parts thinner. I test the paint on an inconspicuous part of the piece to check the color. If it is too light I add a touch more paint. If it too strong I add some more gloss medium. I use a large flat brush. I brush on the color all around but leave the bottom unpainted. I set the piece on it’s neck to dry and paint the bottom last.  Let it dry for 24 hours.You can handle the piece after about 2 hours if  you have to move it. The color gets a little more intense as it dries.  After you have waited patiently for 24 hours bake it for 40 mins at 325 to make it fully water proof. When you bake don’t  preheat,  and leave the glass in there until the oven is cool. That way the glass doesn’t experience a big temperature change and crack (that has happened to me).

Getting ready to bake the glass

Getting ready to bake the glass

Now your glass is colored, it’s time to get the Faux mercury look. 027Clean with a bit of alcohol on a paper towel to clear any bits of lint. Don’t worry about your painted surface it can  through a dishwasher on the top shelf now .

Do your painting outside to avoid the fumes. Mist you glass with your spray bottle of water and vinegar solution. Mist you glass piece so it has bubbles. I like to have drips on mine, experiment and see what you like best. You might see other tutorials that say don’t  let your water run on the glass. I say let it run! The more texture the better. The instructions on the Krylon looking glass will say spray on the inside, trust me spray on the outside. If you spray on the outside you will be able to use it as a proper vase and fill it with water if you spare on the inside you won’t be able to fill it water. Filling it will ruin the finish. the outcome is just as beautiful on the outside.

Spray the paint over your bird and glass 035misted pieces. The water and vinegar mixture will prevent the paint from sticking in some spots. Leave it for a minute of two and blot with the paper towel, repeat until you get the look you want. You can choose to have a very transparent look and just spray once or add more layers of paint. The outcome is gorgeous either way: mist , wait, spray repeat until you love it. It’s easy and fun. I don’t think you can make a mistake. How cool is that.  Good Luck. Till next time. And share you pictures with me. Melissa

2 Vases DIy Mercury glass

2 Vases DIy (Faux) turquoise Mercury glass

Colored Mercuy Glass

Voila Blue Mercury Glass

33 thoughts on “Faux Mercury Glass Tutorial in any color

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  3. Love this and can’t wait to try it, but one question: can all glass be baked at 325 degrees? Any precautions or special treatment? On a cookie sheet? or right on the oven rack? Thanks very much! You’re a genius and an inspiration!

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  9. I rec’d the Pebeo from Amazon last night and already had the looking glass spray so here i go! One tip I really liked (saw it on a french youtube video) was to dab dab dab the thinned paint on. I tried a couple pieces right away and it worked well…best for overall coverage (i’ve tried the mod podge and the martha stewart paints earlier this week. blech). You’re right–waiting 24 hours is going to be the hardest part! Thanks so much for a great how-to.

  10. Has anyone tried any other colors? Thinking about attempting amber and red but not sure if it will look good. And worried the red will look pink. Anyone?

    • HI Lori, You use so little of the paint that I wouldn’t describe it as thinner per bottle of paint, I have painted 50-60 mason jars. I wold guess I have used half a bottle of paint and I am on my second bottle of thinner. I use about I part paint to 3 parts thinner but that is because i want a subtle blue. I have a vase I want a deeper blue so I am using about 2 parts thinner for 1 part paint. have fun and send me pictures

  11. What happens if you paint on the inside and use water in the vase? Can you spray some type of sealant inside the vase to protect the finish?

  12. Love this!! Was looking for a way to make my own Purple mercury glass ornaments for my 2015 Christmas tree. So glad you posted this. I’ve pinned it so I don’t lose it. Sounds like I can mix different amounts of thinner to paint to achieve different color results…that makes it even more exciting!! If I’m going to do this inside an ornament will it be thin enough to swirl for coverage? Can’t wait!!

  13. These are by far the most beautiful DIY mercury vases I’ve seen. I have read that the Krylon Looking Glass paint is not waterproof. Are you able to put water and real flowers in the vases you’ve created?

  14. I want to do lamps like this! Do you need to start with a clear glass or will the paint cover whatever color the lamp originally is?

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